Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrap Catalytic Converter : Prices Of Scrap Catalytic Converter

Prices Of Scrap Catalytic Converter

United States of America September 15, 2008 -- In the past year, we have seen new companies rising up all over the nation advertising high prices for scrap metals and auto cores, specifically Catalytic Converters. This has caused a very competitive playing field for recyclers. Now that prices have dramatically dropped in the market, we have seen many smaller buyers close their doors or cease buying.

This author has been in the Scrap Auto Recycling business for over 35 years and currently owns 3 major scrap yards. I remove approx. 2,000 scrap Catalytic Converters from vehicles per month and have dealt with many scrap recyclers/buyers in my career. I look for honesty, fair grading and the highest overall price total for my load. Through my experience I have found that many companies attract your attention by offering a high price for certain converters, only to under price the rest of the load.

There are two companies that are, in my opinion, the best in the Nation. DynaConverter ( ) and NorthEastern Core Recyclers ( ), are the only recyclers that I now utilize. They offer the best grading system and overall total value for my load.

When I first contacted DynaConverter I explained I was receiving a very high price for my Large GM and Large Foreign converters. Their lead buyer requested to give an estimate for my load. I then asked my current buyer to do the same. Because of their grading system, DynaConverter’s estimate was almost $5ooo more than my current buyers bid for just under 2000 converters! Then one day I needed to quickly unload my converters to make room for a 20 container shipment of aluminum to be processed. I called DynaConverter whom I usually only need to give a 24 hour notice and they referred me to Northeastern Core Recyclers (Scrap Buyers Network). They have the same grading system as DynaConverter and offer the same competitive prices. After speaking with the buyer from NCR I found that the two companies have teamed together to increase their buying power and eliminate the “hustlers” and “thieves” in the business. They accept shipments from all over the U.S. daily. I now refer all those in my network to these two companies and in every single instance they have earned much more on their loads.

DynaConverter and Northeastern Core Recyclers are both located in NJ.. They will pick-up usually within 24 hours within NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE MD, and will arrange quick shipment throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Before you sell your next load of Catalytic Converters, contact either of these companies first! You will put much more $$ in your pocket! They can be found on the internet at and

DynaConverter 732-948-7983
NorthEastern Core Recyclers (ScrapBuyers Network) 800-881-9629

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